New Community Living Alliance (Combines Adult Services and Caregiver Services): The many services provided to older adults and adults with disabilities in North Carolina are delivered across various settings. Policy and practice are evolving to meet the client where they are and to form services that are client centered. The myriad of services available currently to older adults and adults with disabilities living at home and in care facilities include, but are not limited to, family caregiver support, protective services, guardianship, and case management. Community partners come together to fill these needs and to complement each other in a way that avoids duplication and maximizes the resources available to assist the client. Topics related to this track include the Elder Justice Act, respite care models, duties of Departments of Social Service, transitions in care, advocating for the older adult and adults with disabilities, appropriate housing and others related to long term care.

Senior Centers:  A Senior Center is a community facility where older adults come together for services and activities that reflect their skills and interests and respond to their diverse needs. Centers are a resource for the entire community, providing services and information on aging, and assisting family and friends who care for older persons. Examples of individual services at senior centers are information and referral, case assistance, in-home assistance, home-delivered meals, job finding and training, legal assistance, health insurance counseling and claims assistance, transportation, and volunteer opportunities. Examples of group services are group meals, educational sessions, cultural events, health education sessions and wellness activities.

Membership Opportunity: NC Senior Center Alliance

The NC Senior Center Alliance provides a statewide organization for senior center professionals to advocate for senior centers, network and collaborate on common issues, share information, co-market initiatives, and provide for additional staff training and development.

  • NC Senior Center Alliance ( $10.00) for NCAOA Agency/Organization/Individual Member

  • NC Senior Center Alliance ($30.00) for NON NCAOA Agency/Organization/Individual Member

How Do I Join? 

By clicking on the below links you can join/renew your organization or individual membership electronically or download the hard copy member form to mail in.

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